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The Fitting Bay Melbourne are proud to be official re-sellers of the very popular Digital Dashboard System for the Y62 Patrol. 

We offer the Nismo edition (seen in photos below). We only offer the latest updated version with bug fixes:

- Speedometer fixed.

- Oil Pressure is now added to the Display. 

- PSI TPMS is now compatible with AU Delivered models. 

For any more information on the above please visit the "Contact Us" page. 

Enhance your driving experience with our immersive Digital Display. The Nismo cluster has multiple pages, giving real time information along with data that has been previously logged. Quickly and easily access:

- Tyre Pressure monitoring in real time.

- Vehicle Axis positions. 

- Digital and Analog style Speedometer and Accelerometer. 

- Current Time and Date.

- ODO, TRIP, FUEL readings all available and easily found. 

- Original dash lights, warnings and chimes are all retained within the new system. 

- Real Time Battery Voltage. 

And that is just to name a few! 

Update the look and feel of your patrol with our Digital Dash System. This may be the one main upgrade that will totally transform your vehicle from the drivers perspective. 

As we all know, the Nissan Patrol is a fantastic and very capable vehicle, however the interior that we are supplied with here in Australia is mediocre at best, our Digital Dash paired with our 12.3" Solution will absolutely transform your vehicle bringing it right up to date and looking how it should! 

Enjoy this beautifully integrated dash system for years to come and make the those short and long drives memorable. 

Installation For you DIYers out there, is very nice and easy and as always we will have a YouTube video detailing exactly how to do this. Installation is very straightforward, and a great start for beginners. And of course, we offer tech support to all of our beloved customers. 


Do you have stock? We always have stock here in Melbourne and in any case we are low or on backorder we usually still have orders fulfilled within 7-10 days. 

Do you offer technical support? 100% Yes. All of our customers gain access to some of the best technical assistance available, from phone calls to emails and video chats. 

Do you have warranty? Absolutely! We offer 1 year replacement on all our products.

Does it retain my vehicles factory information? Yes, it sure does. The sync process will synchronise all current vehicle data at time of installation. 

Any other questions? Please head to the contact us page and fill out the form, we will respond in a timely manner.