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We have developed the first of it's kind, a 300 series face lifted head unit to suit the 200 series. This unit will completely transform your driving experience. Along with the brand new look and feel, we have designed this unit to be fast, wireless and easy to use. The exciting new features include: 

- Apple CarPlay (wireless). 

- Android Auto (wireless). 

- Wireless phone charger to suit all phone sizes. 

- a12 snapdragon chip. (allows you to download apps from Netflix and Kayo to Hema and other mapping applications). 

- Dedicated simcard slot - for full time internet. 

- Compatible with all standard features- Aircon, rear seat entertainment, camera systems, steering wheel controls, vehicle settings and much more. 

- Hard buttons for all features / can also be controlled via touch screen display. 

- Large anti-glare, capacitive touch screen display. 

- Compatible with all new smart phones. 

- 2x USB ports. 

- Plug and Play wiring harnesses. 

- Designed to suit Australian Delivered vehicles, and conditions. 




Professional installation is recommended, however it is something you can DIY. The unit itself is totally plug and play. The dash behind the original screen needs to be trimmed down in order to fit the new unit, not a lot of material has to go and you can still revert back to factory if need be. We recommend a Dremel tool for this as seen in our "How to" Installation video. 



We proudly offer free technical support to all of our customers. Via Email and Phone. 



Will this unit fit my 100 series? No, this one is for a 200 series. Please head to the contact form and we will come back to you with some options. 

Will this unit work with my 360 camera? YES! It definitely will. 

How long to ship? We have limited qty in Australia (units ship from Melbourne) we ask for 1-3 days fulfilment and shipping is anywhere from 2-7 days from Express v standard. 

I have never worked on a car, can I do this? You should definitely take your car to a professional for installation or reach out to us for installation. 

What is the warranty? We offer 12 months warranty. 

I found it cheaper somewhere else? You will find a lot of things cheaper online, just keep in mind the time that goes into the development of our units, the time to create how to videos and the FREE technical support offered by our team. Unlike some, we have a phone number you can call anytime with your questions. 


Please fill out the vehicle options correctly. We cannot be liable for incorrect options / year / vehicle model etc. 


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