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Update the look and feel of your Land Cruiser Series with our Electronic Tailgate system. 

Designed for the LC300. 

Easily access your boot with the touch of a button or wave of your foot if your hands are full. We have designed our system to work seamlessly with the factory components of the vehicle, including the genuine remote. As we all know, the 300 series rear door can be a little awkward to open, not to mention the height and weight issues. Our Electric Tailgate will easily open and close the genuine rear door with the following options:

- Interior front button (Open/Close).

- Interior rear button (Closes the tailgate once opened).

- Genuine rear external button (this button will now release and open the tailgate)

- Optional foot sensor (open/Close)

- Genuine Key (Open/Close)


We have designed high performance struts designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle. And we have designed the wiring harness to be as DIY Friendly as possible! 


Product Features: 

- 2 x electronic/hydraulic replacement struts. 

- 2 x control buttons (Front and Rear Interior buttons).

- Key activation (open + close by pressing unlock x 3). 

- Optional foot sensor. 

- Added soft close feature. 

What's in the kit?

- 2 x Electronic Struts + brackets. 

- Control module.

- 2 x Control buttons. 

- All necessary wiring.

- Detailed instructions. 


Vehicle Compatibility:

300 series (2021- onwards).


6/10 Difficulty for installation. 

Tools are required (Drill, trim removal kit, screw drivers, wire strippers etc). 

The kit comes with detailed instructions (with photos) so anyone can do it! 

We also offer technical support (visit contact page).


Product information:

We have spent a lot of time in Research + Development to find the perfect product, both integrated in look/feel and high in quality. We are confident you will appreciate the quality of our product and it will be great in operation for years to come. 

Optional foot sensor
Interior Colour