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12.1" Screen with Android 10.0 Operating System. 


- This will work with all Nissan Patrol/Armada Y62 within selected years. 

- For Infinity cars, please fill out the contact form so we can help you find the correct product.



- Full HD Capacitive Display. 

- 4GB RAM.

- 64GB Hard Drive. 

- Wireless CarPlay. 

- Wired Android Auto.

- 4G Sim Card + SD Card (you can also HotSpot). 

- Mirrorlink. 

- Octacore CPU. 

- Bluetooth + streaming. 

- Full control over the Genuine Nissan System. 

- Easy install.



Installation is very straight-forward, you will need some basic tools. Following our full install video you shouldn't have a problem. 

We do offer technical support for all our customers - just fill out the contact form and we will reply promptly to help. 



Warranty? We offer 12 months warranty on all electronics. 

Do you ship overseas? Yes we ship worldwide.

Shipping time? between 1-2 weeks depending on location. Package and handling times are 1-3 days. 


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