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Advanced integration with CarPlay & Android Auto. 


Vehicle Compatibility: 

- (2016-2021) NOTE- Carefully select the correct year of your vehicle to ensure you receive the right item!

- Touch Screen Display

- USB input


What is an Advanced Interface?

Our advanced interface has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto built in, however it also has the ability to download and execute it's own apps. This means you can use HEMA, YouTube, Netflix, KAYO and just about any other app you can think of, through the original display. For Ti-L models the image can be projected on to the rear screens. 



- Apple CarPlay (Wired + Wireless).

- Android Auto Wired (Wireless subject to phone).

- IOS Mirroring.

- Android Mirroring.

- Front + Rear Camera Input.

- USB Input.

- Wireless Music Streaming.

- Controlled via genuine touch display.

- Android OS.

- Ability to download and run external apps.

- Google Playstore.  

- WiFi built in. 


Vehicle Requirements:

- USB input.

- Full colour touch display.



Installation process is plug + play. No soldering connections need to be made, however it can help.

Technical support is available, please see our contact page.


The TFB Kit comes with custom hardware (not required in 2020+)

- USB Flush mount blanking plate. 

- USB Flush mount. 


*Not Included* 

- Basic tools for installation.


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